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Posted by Jon Webb on 25th Oct 2023

Connaught Care Homes - The Chase, Huntingon

The safety and well-being of our residents is of paramount importance.

Greentech Air purification Technology – Helping care homes meet the requirements of modern

Connaught Care are innovators and market leaders in future proofing care homes and providing luxury bespoke state of the art facilities.

They are building a new generation of care homes setting new standards in service, premium facilities, and luxury accommodation. Their award-winning team aspires to create the best possible environment for staff and residents providing individual service and more bespoke hospitality.

An innovative partnership

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Greentech Environmental, as we join hands to ensure the highest standards of air quality and purity within our homes. This innovative partnership symbolizes our unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our residents.


By monitoring and improving air quality, we aim to reduce the risk of illness or infection transmission, enhancing the health of our community. Together, we look forward to tracking the positive trends in reducing infection rates and fewer staff absences, embracing a brighter and healthier way of living”


- Amanda Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Connaught Care Group

"The highest standards of air quality and purity within our homes is a top priority for us."

Greentech Air purification Technology – Helping care homes meet the requirements of modern

We are delighted to announce the new partnership between Connaught Care, Lawrence Baker, and Greentech’s Pure Air technology. This represents a key shift in awareness around the provision of facilities that optimise indoor air quality creating cleaner more sanitary pure air spaces, ensuring a healthier and safer environment for staff and residents.

Indoor air quality can not only be between 5-20 times more toxic than outdoor air but awareness around newer issues such as Covid-19 and air borne disease along with historic problems such as VOCs and MRSA have bought a surge of technical progress in air purification technology.

Greentech’s Pure Air technology sits on the cutting edge of air purification offering the most complete air treatment solution available in the world today. Using some of the same technology as NASA, were in good company.

Greentech offers the perfect balance of active air purification technology and the highest quality passive filtration. This gives the best possible results in air treatment. Greentech Pure air technology will be working live, 24 hours a day treating the air and surfaces killing virus including Covid-19 in the air space at the source whilst killing harmful bacteria such as MRSA on surfaces. This will mitigate the risk to staff and residents from airborne disease and surface contamination whilst creating a significantly healthier and more sanitary environment for all.

Greentech’s Pure air is the only purification tech in the world to be able to eliminate odour with out the use of Ozone with a new technology called ODOgard. This also works live in the air space 24 hours a day safely eliminating odour molecules and keeping your facilities smelling fresh and clean.

Although this technology is now widespread in the US and significant progress has been made to mitigate the risk of future pandemics Connaught Care our the first in the UK to introduce this game changing technology as standard in their homes. They have the gold standard in air purification allowing for safer, healthier, and productive homes.

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